On Having Piles

One of my father-in-law’s favorite jokes is to say that someone who’s wealthy has “piles.”  He’s not talking about the ailment known as piles, but “piles” of money, of course.  Well, I’ve got piles, too, but of a different sort.  I’ve got piles of paperwork in my writing office.  Junk paper has a way of stacking up over the course of a year.  I’ll do a big throwaway in late December, but it just piles up all over again, closing in around me.  One of the things I did with my day off the day job today was clean up some of these piles, pitching them into a new stack marked for shredding.  It’s amazing how much paper collects in this office, everything from extra copies of stories to printed blogs and articles to research material to long outdated news items.  So now, I’ll clear the decks in time for the new year, making room…*sigh*…for new piles of paper to evolve and overwhelm me.  For now, though, it’s bye-bye “piles.”  My father-in-law would be proud.  See you soon!

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