3 Snow Blows/1 Day

That’s right!  I had to clear our driveway with the snow blower three times on Saturday!  We sure got some snow, the first big one of the winter…and it wasn’t even really a big one!  Compared to down east, Johnstown received a mere pittance of snow!  So I guess I shouldn’t complain, but man, it was a pain.  Getting around was a challenge in itself, as the roads were slippery and mostly snow-covered, especially this morning.  My favorite moment?  When someone in an SUV beat our Honda Civic in turning onto a 4-lane out of an intersection, and the guy in the passenger seat whipped the fingers at us just because!  That’s right, I said “fingers” plural!  He gave us the backward “V” sign, so I guess he must’ve been British, because that’s how they give the Bronx cheer over there.

Yes, today reminded me of the things I hate most about winter, especially jerks on the road.  This kind of weather brings out the two extremes:  those who drive too slowly and without employing proper winter driving techniques (like maintaining speed on the uphill so as not to get stuck); and the idjits in the four-wheel drives who live to tailgate and outrace everyone in a two-wheel drive who crosses their paths.  From what I hear, we might have a lot more snow to come this winter…but I’m kind of sick of it already.  Mom and Dad in Florida don’t help matters by constantly calling to tell me how warm it is down there right now!  Aarrghh!  See you soon!

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