Back from Philly

Just rolled in from Philadelphia this evening after a great weekend.  In addition to speaking at a meeting of the Philadelphia Science Fiction Society on Friday, I did some Christmas shopping with Wendy…plus some pre-Christmas eating at some wonderful restaurants.  Friday evening, we ate at an Indian place called King of Tadoor; Saturday night, we ate at a Greek place called Estia; and Sunday morning, we had brunch at a place called The Continental.  All three were spectacular!  Seriously!  We could not have had better food!  This evening, after returning home, we got back in the standard dining groove with Big Macs at McDonald’s!  But we did supplement those with super-hot fries fresh out of the fryer…my personal favorite addiction.  So much grease, but so delicious!  Tomorrow, it’s back to work at the day job after the long weekend.  Then, I need to get back into full swing on the graphic novel I’ve been writing.  I had to slow it down a wee bit to prepare for the Philadelphia presentation, but now it’s time to throttle up again!  At least until Christmas week forces me to interrupt for regularly scheduled festivities.  I’m having a lot of fun writing that project and can’t wait to get back to it.  So onward and upward, right?   Meanwhile, here’s a photo of me at the presentation in Philly.  See you soon!

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