Swimming Across Another State

I swam across another state today…Delaware, I think.  See, at the YMCA, they started a swimming challenge wherein each mile you swim equals one of the fifty states.  It’s a great program; I was making such slow progress at first, I pushed my per-session output to one full mile.  That’s twice what I was swimming before, so I’m thrilled.  I just have to be sure not to look too closely at the rest of the tally board at the Y.  There are people on there who’ve already swum across the whole United States and are doubling back again!  Of course, those people swim three hours a day or more.  I’m doing great considering the amount of time I have available.  Don’t want to get too stressed about swimming, after all; it’s a top stress reliever and one of the most purely enjoyable activities of the week for me.  I truly, truly love it.  So it’s onward to continue my swim across the USA without beating myself up about it!  See you soon!

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