Snowball’s Chance

Well, it’s started.  The snowy season here in Johnstown, Pennsylvania, that is.  Today, we had our first real accumulation of the 2009-2010 season…just a half-inch or so, but it stuck.  The ground was cold enough that it didn’t melt.  For the first time this winter, it snowed almost all day to some extent, and I had to brush snow off my car when I left stores or restaurants.  Seems like it comes around sooner every year.  I don’t mind it so much at this point, though; in fact, it’s kind of a novelty, at least for a while.  By January, the thrill is pretty much gone…and by April, I’d about ready to jump off a cliff.  Though I must admit, we haven’t had harsh winters for a few years.  This time around, they’re forecasting a big ol’ snowy one, but maybe we’ll get lucky.  For now, I’ll just enjoy the change of season and the Christmastime atmosphere and hope we don’t get the worst of it here in the Allegheny Mountains.  See you soon.

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