Free E-Day Essay! 1 Week Only!

One of my published essays is now available free online!  It’s from In the Hunt, a book of essays about the TV show Supernatural from SmartPop/BenBella Books.  My essay is titled “Sympathy for the Devils,” and I wrote it with a twist, as if it were written from the point of view of the supernatural creatures who in our reality are the villains of the show.

SmartPop posted the essay as part of the celebration of Free E-Day, an event encouraging “everyone and anyone to give some of their work away for free, as a thank you to their current fans, and a present for their new ones.”  All sorts of creative types all over the world are participating, posting stories, poetry, music, and artwork online for free.

I hope you’ll check out “Sympathy for the Devils”…but you’d better do it soon.  SmartPop will take the full essay offline after just one week, leaving only an excerpt.  So zip on over here and read “Sympathy for the Devils.”  But be careful.  You might start to sympathize with vampires, werewolves, demons, and monsters by the time you finish.  Next thing you know, you’re chugging a blood cocktail or howling at the moon.

See you soon!

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