Symphony of Sickness

Okay, Wendy wasn’t the only one steering the porcelain bus Sunday night.  My brother-in-law and 8-year-old niece also got in on the act.  Apparently, something foul hit everyone after our visit to a local eatery…and I do mean foul.  In fact, I ended up whisking Wendy to the Emergency Room at the local hospital at 3:30 in the morning!  She’s still terribly sick, though she did receive treatment at the ER.  Nothing to do but ride it out, according to the medicos.  What a horrible experience all around.  Sunday night in my house was like a symphony of sickness…one person retching, then another, then another.  Not exactly the sound of music.  Clear fluids and Immodium all around for the next few days.  Now I’m off, hopefully, to procure some much-needed sleep.  And pray those aches in my own belly are just gas.  *Urp*  See you soon!

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