Time (Mis)management

No matter how hard I try, I can’t seem to manage my time properly.  I make to-do lists, and they stack up and get misplaced.  I make schedules, and they too disappear in the clutter.  So many important things get lost by the wayside.  Of course, I’m proud to say I’ve worked steadily on my latest project, a graphic novel script, writing at a moderate pace every day for the past three weeks.  And it’s true there’ve been other things going on, distracting me from maintaining a consistent schedule.  But still, my inability to manage time effectively continues to be a major headache for me, as it has been for many, many years.  Though I must admit, I sometimes wonder if it’s a trait I’ll just have to learn to live with and work around…if, perhaps, this state of clutter and disorganization is part and parcel of the way my mind works, hopping around from idea to idea, from project to project.  Maybe I’m better off embracing my time-mismanaged self instead of fighting him and railing against his inadequacies.  Either way, he’s been good and consistent about one thing at least:  keeping these blog posts coming in spite of rain, sleet, snow, or sheer exhaustion.  See you soon!

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