Snowman’s Chance

Time to announce a new story, I think.  This one’s slated for the upcoming anthology, Edison’s Frankenstein, from PS Publishing in England.  Edison’s Frankenstein is actually the latest iteration of PS Publishing’s wonderful Postscripts, a compendium of excellent science fiction, fantasy, and other unique fiction.  This volume will combine Postscripts #20 and 21, with each copy autographed by all the authors whose work appears therein.  (I just finished signing a bunch of them, and boy is my hand tired.)  I can say without hesitation that this will be a heck of a book, well worth the price of admission.  You can check it out right here.  Soon, I’ll be posting a high-resolution cover image here on the blog for your viewing enjoyment.

My story, by the way, is called “Snowman’s Chance in Hell.”  It’s a twisted holiday fable that tells the true story of the origin of humankind…and our deadly and ancient conflict with the snowmen.  You’ll never look at Frosty in the front yard in quite the same way again!  Maybe I can run a preview here sometime soon.

And so, the beat goes on.  Time for the home stretch at work, followed by delicious turkey and all that jazz.  Plus company from out of town and lots of surprises.  It will be an interesting week, guaranteed.  See you soon!

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