Bodies in Motion…and at Rest

Seems like my whole family’s in motion or about to be right now.  My brother, Scott, just got back from a weeklong business trip to Germany.  My folks are heading for Florida.  Wendy and I are the only ones stuck at home.  We should’ve been in Philadelphia this weekend for the big Philcon science fiction convention, but work issues killed that plan.  Proposal writing took the place of fun (and writing-related business) on the other side of the state.  Like they say, man plans, God laughs.  Hopefully, things will calm down in time for us to have a nice Thanksgiving holiday and Christmas season.  We’ll see.  One thing I can depend on about my day job is that things will get insanely crazy around the major holidays.  And I’m not even working retail!  Anywho, hoping to get things under control tomorrow.  See you soon.

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