Arctic Wasteland

The offices I work in are locked in a perpetual freezing climate.  It’s truly an arctic wasteland.  Instead of warm air on a cold day, the floor vents actually put out freezing cold air.  Walk over one, and all of a sudden, you have a blast of frigid wind gusting up your pant leg.  Everyone working there has taken to wearing sweaters, sweatshirts, and jackets at all times.  Clearly, there’s a problem.  Building management claims they’re bringing some HVAC guys in to work on it, but I don’t know.  They seemed to think they had it squared away a while ago, and here we are, still freezing.  It doesn’t help matters that we’re expressly forbidden from bringing in space heaters of any kind.  All we can do is buck up, bear with it, and be really, really glad we still have jobs.  I guess the cold is a small price to pay in the grand scheme of things…but I still wish they’d get it fixed!  See y-you s-s-soon.

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