I know, I’m a week behind, but Wendy and I just watched the season finale of Mad Men tonight, and it was fantastic!  We loved this episode, and the entire season.  It’s such a fun show to watch, and it works so well on so many levels.  The only problem is, now that the season’s over, we have to wait wayyyy too many months to see new episodes.  So whenever Sunday nights roll around, we’ll both have nasty cases of MadMenitis, an illness characterized by intense longing for the awesome TV series.  But at least we’ll have other great shows to look forward to, like Breaking Bad and the upcoming last season of Lost.  And don’t forget we still have new episodes of Family Guy and Curb Your Enthusiasm on the way!  D’oh!  Only one more Curb left!  Life isn’t fair, man!  See you soon!

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