I can’t believe it!  We’ve got the outdoor Christmas lights up!  It’s not even Thanksgiving yet, and the outdside decorating is done.  This is definitely a record for us.  My wife urged me on, because the weather today was so great…and I have to admit, I’m glad it’s done.  Any other year, I get stuck putting up the lights on the coldest day of December, and it’s a nightmare.  This time, I was actually able to decorate in a t-shirt and sweatpants without a jacket!  You oughtta consider doing the same Sunday, if you haven’t already; the weather’s supposed to be about as nice as it was Saturday.  Or, you could just put up everything for all holidays, with each set of lights keyed to a different power source, and switch between them when the time comes.  That way, you could decorate once for the entire year!  See you soon!

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