Stopping Time

No matter how many times I click the buttons on my stopwatch, it won’t actually stop time.  I really wish it would, too.  I’ve been so busy lately that I feel like my life is running away from me.  My “To Do” list just seems to grow and grow, no matter how many things I get done.  Months are starting to flash by like hours.  It seems like only yesterday I was getting the lawn mower gassed up for the first mow of Spring; now, I’m planning to get the outdoor Christmas decorations put up.  It’s a wild, wild life.  I guess I have no choice but to keep punching the buttons on this damn stopwatch till it finally cuts me some slack and slams on the brakes for good ol’ time with a capital “T.”  At which time, I can finally get caught up on that long list of tasks hanging over me like a sword of Damocles or a black velvet Elvis Presley painting in a heavy gilt frame.  See you soon!

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