My brother, Scott, is in Germany as we speak!  The lucky stiff’s picked the perfect time to visit, what with all the festivities surrounding the anniversary of the collapse of the Berlin Wall!  His trip’s mostly business, but he’s also making time to do some touring.  His plans include visits to some of the towns where our families lived before they emigrated to the U.S.  Wish I could be there with him!  As one who’s visited Deutschland before, I know what a cool place it is.  But I’ll have to settle for his photos and stories when he gets back to the States.  Mabye I can get some of the same feeling by drinking beers, eating sauerkraut, and shouting “Mach schnell!  Mach schnell!” at the top of my lungs.  I don’t care if Oktoberfest is officially over!  It’s time to break out the three-foot-high stein und fill it with beer und bratwurst!  See you soon!

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