Tree Erected

This might be the earliest we’ve ever put up the Christmas tree!  This evening, I took it out of the box and assembled it (no tree farms for us!), and now it stands in the living room, awaiting trimming.  See, this year, we had to clear out the entire upstairs crawlspace because our contractor, Eldon, was putting on a new roof and wiring some lights.  The bulk of the contents of the crawlspace consisted of, you guessed it, Christmas decorations.  We have literally boxes and boxes and more boxes of the stuff, and it’s tough getting it out of that confined space…so now that it’s all out, it made no sense putting it back in again, then taking it back out after Thanksgiving.  So now the tree’s up, the other decorations are waiting their turns, and I’m asking myself, “how can it possibly be Christmas time already?”  Didn’t I just get done doing all this?  Ay, Chihuahua!  Next thing I know, it’ll be Halloween all over again!  And then it’ll be Stew Day and Radicchio Week!  Time files when you’re having Fonzi!  See you soon!

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