Erotic Cake

Okay, today was nothing special for the most part.  Busy at work, busy after work dealing with issues related to our building contractor.  It was mostly a long, unexciting day.  But I have to admit, lunch was interesting.  We had a birthday party for a co-worker at a local Chinese restaurant…and one of our pals at the Chinese place, our very own Ace of Cakes, brought in an erotic cake!  No, not American Pie erotic…but shaped like a part of the human anatomy.  Parts, I should say.  And it was not only hilarious, but delicious!  So that broke up the day and livened things up.  Raised a lot of eyebrows in the Chinese place, too, that’s for sure.

It’s been a strange week for food, so far.  Remind me to tell you about the big sauerkraut making party I went to over the weekend!  It was great!  See you soon!

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