Ribs, Baby, Ribs!

Why didn’t I go to Savannah’s Southern Style Takeout before today?  Who knows?  It’s a little hole in the wall takeout joint on Scalp Avenue in Richland.  Been there three years, apparently…but I just never stopped to get food there.  Until tonight.  Tonight, I picked up a rib dinner at Savannah’s, and wow, was it ever good.  I got three enormous, meaty ribs, dripping with sauce…a heaping pile of potato salad…another heaping pile of turnip greens…and a slab, and I do mean slab, of sweet potato pie, still warm, for dessert.  All for nine bucks total, and worth every penny.  I kid you not:  I sat around in a stunned daze of pure, blissful gorgery for like two hours after finishing that meal.  It was incredible!  I just wish I’d stopped sooner.  Part of the problem was the odd hours; the place isn’t always open exactly when you want it to be.  Plus, it’s a little hard to get in and out of their tiny parking lot along a very busy road.  But it’s totally worth it.  So the next time you get a chance, drop by Savannah’s and prepare for an awesome stomach-packing experience.  Baby, you won’t be sorry!  The only one who’s sorry is Wendy, who missed out because of a dentist’s appointment.  In fact, I’m pretty sure I lost points for gloating about it and am losing more points by blogging about it, too…but what the hey.  Savannah’s was worth it.  See you soon!

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