Hween @ Wlmrt

Spent Halloween at home this year, no plans for a change.  Usually, we go to a party at my niece’s place…but no party this time around.  Instead, we ate leftover candy, did yard work between rain showers, had dinner at the local Mexican place, and did the Wal-Mart thing.  Come to think of it, that was kind of Halloween party-like, what with the customers traipsing around in costumes before heading off to their own parties.  We saw all kinds of weird characters clambering down the aisles, making strange noises and acting out bizarre scenes…and those were just the customers who weren’t in costume!  Okay, stop groaning; you knew I was going there, didn’t you?

Anywho, even though we didn’t dress up or get loaded or dance The Monster Mash, we still had a nice day.  I even remembered to give Wendy a Halloween card!  Okay, so I bought it yesterday at the last minute and filled it out after midnight on Halloween Eve, but hey, it still counts.  I got points on the Husboard (husband scoreboard) and everything!  Though, of course, it takes a lot longer to earn those points than to use them up!  Someday, I want to figure out the equation that expresses that process!

Anyboo, Happy Halloween!  Or Hween, as I’ve just now taken to calling it!  See you soon!

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