Oh Joy

Well, I got through trick or treat tonight!  Had to go stand at the end of the sidewalk and hand out candy for two hours, though, because my contractor, Eldon, was working on the front roof and had ladders blocking the front door.  At least our funny neighbors across the street made it half-bearable, joking around the whole time.  The real tricks, though, have come at work, where my laptop got slammed by a good ol’ trojan horse virus critter.  I picked it up on the blog of a famous animator, of all places, trying to open a file in the blog’s archives.  Next thing I know, there’s a downloader running, and Internet Explorer’s out of control.  Pop go the unwanted browser windows…pop pop pop!  Ran ComboFix, which I thought had licked it, but the li’l bugger was way down in there.  Symantec was totally useless, why do we even have it?  Finally, I think I got it today with an anti-spyware app, but I’m not sure.  Tomorrow will tell the tale, when I boot up and try to open the I.E. browser.  So yeah, plenty of tricks right there.  But I’m sure you all have been through it one time or another, so you know what kind of fun I’m talking about.  I guess I should consider myself lucky; I’ve heard some real horror stories, and I’ve seen much, much worse on other machines.  Fingers crossed that it’s outta my system at last!  See you soon!

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