Now that I’ve finished the story I was writing on deadline, I’m faced with one of the most daunting tasks I know:  choosing my next project.  Sometimes, just picking the next thing to write can be harder than actually writing it!

The story I just completed was the latest in a string of short stories, actually…number five.  This run of stories was my first in a long, long time.  It was intended to get me back in the short story game, and it did.  In fact, I’ve got ideas for more stories swirling around in my head as we speak.

However, I also have plans for some novels, and I’d seriously love to get one rolling.  The last novel I wrote was finished back in May, so it’s been about 4.5 months since I worked on one.  Novels are what I want to focus on most in my career, so I’m probably overdue for launching a new one.

But I don’t want to lose my head of steam on the short stories, either.  It’s a valid concern, as I’ve never been that good at mixing the two…writing stories while working on a novel.  I know other writers who have no problem with this, but for me, it’s been one or the other.  Maybe this time will be different, though.  I’d love to be able to work on a novel during the week, then churn out a story on the weekend, even if it’s just one weekend a month.

Either way, I’m champing at the bit to jump into the next project.  The next big question facing me:  which short story or novel should I write?  See you soon!

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