The Flog: The New TV Season

My favorite new reality show of the season?  “Leper Colony,” obviously, as well as “Bathroom Attendant.”  Both shows are equally jam-packed with surprises and pathos.  Of course, I also can’t get enough of “Indigestion”; everyone I know is hooked on that crazy show with its upset stomach mentality.  But there’s also a lot to love in “Fourth Dimensional Rehab,” in which extra-dimensional beings with the power to reach into our 3-D universe at will simply turn addicts inside-out and pull the drugs and alcohol right out of them.  Though I think “Scrub Brush” and “Paint Drying” are also pretty thrilling programs.  I hear a new show is due to premiere next month, and I for one can’t hold my horses till it drops:  who could resist a TV series called “Colonoscopy,” in which lucky viewers will get to follow intestinal cameras as they shoot the interiors of patients’ colons during polyp-hunting procedures.  Yes, this might just be the best TV season of all time.

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