Edits Continue

The revisions continue on my current story!  My first reader had another set of edits after reviewing the second draft Sunday, so it’s been nose to the grindstone time.  I can’t argue with her comments, either; after stewing about them at first, I came to see that as usual, she was right on the money.  Times like this can be a bit unsettling, because they seem to call into question my instincts as a writer…but the fact is, this is no reflection on my instincts.  It’s just the way my process works.  Sometimes, I nail every nuance of a story with no need to touch a single lovely word.  Other times, an overhaul’s in order.  And, frankly, some revisions could be expected on a story like this one.  I always try to write the best story I can, of course…but this time, I was swinging for the stands.  I was trying some experimental techniques, so it doesn’t really surprise me that they weren’t a hundred percent effective in the first draft.  I just hope I can totally nail the third draft and send it Monday.  Further, I hope the editor will like what I’ve come up with; I’d love to see this one made available to a sizeable readership.  Fingers crossed for a great week for all of us!  See you soon!

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