Draft Done!

I’ve finished the first draft of a story I’ve been working on for a November 1 deadline, and I’m thrilled!  It’s a great feeling to have a draft in hand after all the blood, sweat, and tears.  I really needed this story to shine, so I put a lot into it.  Now comes the real test:  tomorrow, it goes to my expert first reader, my wife, for review.  Will she love it like she loved the last one I gave her?  Will she rip it to shreds?  Or will she have a few suggestions for revision?  She’s impossible to predict…but that’s what’s great about her.  When I finish the first draft of a story, I pretty much lose all perspective on it.  It actually takes six months to a year for me to gain anything remotely resembling subjectively tinged objectivity with regard to said story.  Thanks to Wendy, I can polish, touch up, or radically overhaul a story, knowing I’m getting an opinion I totally trust, and I can put it in the mail without waiting six months to a year.

What will my first reader say about this one?  Honestly, the suspense is killing me.  See you soon!

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