Snax Attax

Snacking is my crutch when writing.  I admit it!  My name is Bob, and I’m a writer-snackaholic.  It’s really only a problem when I’m writing, of course…but since I write a lot, it’s a big enough problem that I need to worry about it.  What can I say?  It’s a natural fit:  I’m sitting in a chair at a desk for hours each day, typing on a keyboard, sometimes fighting to stay fully awake and on top of my game.  I’ve got a caffeine resource at my side, which helps, but the snacking seems to perk me up even more.  So I’ve got a few different snacks in the office to choose from, and I start scooping them up when I need a lift…and the next thing I know, I come out of my writing trance (good way to describe it!), and the box or bag or jar is empty!

This cannot continue!  I know it’s far better than my old writing crutch, smoking cigarettes, and it’s not nearly as bad as other possible crutches (no thanks, absinthe!), but it’s keeping the weight on when I’m fighting to shed it.  What I should do, I think, is follow the advice of one of my mentors, who once told me she faithfully takes a short break every half hour, forcing herself to rise from the chair and get the blood circulating.  No need for perpetual snacking then, apparently.  I’m going to give it a try.  But first…kettle corn straight from the foliage festival, right here by my desk!  And I can’t just ignore these delicious Cheez-It Duoz!  (Sharp cheddar and Parmesan, I loves ya!)  And what about that tres leches cake over there by the super supreme pizza fresh out of the oven?  And that lovely turduckenBring it, yeah!

See you soon!

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