Made in J-Town

Time for a special treat!  A few years back, I worked with a local artist, K. Brandon Wilt, to start up a comic strip for a local magazine in Johnstown.  The deal fell through (boo!) but now you get to see the long-lost first segment of Made in J-Town (yay!).  I think it’s a cool piece of work, and I’m sure the strip would have gotten even cooler as time went on…but c’est la vie, eh?  At least we can bring you this great sneak peek at a comic strip that never was.  Enjoy, and see you soon!  (P.S., check out Brandon’s blog right here.  He owns and operates Johnstown’s comic book store, Bent Wookee Comix.)  (P.P.S.  To learn more about Morley’s Dog, which is featured in this strip, go here.)  Without further adieu, Made in J-Town

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