Congrats and Thanks!

Congratulations!  Thanks to you, The Fictioneer blog and website has reached a record number of visitors!  In September 2009, 3414 unique daily visitors dropped by, which is a record for this site.  And I owe it all to you, so thanks!  It has been a pleasure delivering fresh content each day, knowing so many of you are visiting and enjoying it!

We’ve certainly come a long way from a year ago, when the site attracted just 344 unique daily visitors.  Thanks for helping The Fictioneer blog to continue to grow and reach new readers.  I hope you’ll continue to visit in months to come.  I know I’ve got some fun things planned…and some major craziness, to boot.  If my plans pan out, you’ve got some real surprises to look forward to at The Fictioneer, some groundbreaking stuff.  So keep watching this space for lots more news, Pot Luck Theater, The Flog, and shocks aplenty!  The Fictioneer delivers!  See you soon, and thanks again!

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