Mr. Flood 2

Yesterday, I posted a piece of artwork that accompanied my story, “Fear of Rain,” in the British magazine Postscripts.  Today, let’s take a look at another illustration created for the very same story!  This artwork accompanied “Fear of Rain” last year in the Russian magazine ESLI.  It pictures the same characters, Mr. Flood and Dee, in the same scene, bringing down the deluge on the city of Johnstown, Pennsylvania from atop the Inclined Plane.  But it has quite a different look, don’t you think?  A very different interpretation of the same story elements.  What a difference an artist can make:

Pretty cool, huh?  Which do you prefer?  I like both, for different reasons.

More artwork to come, so stay tuned.  And don’t forget, the next all-new edition of Pot Luck Theater will be coming your way Friday, right here.  Grooviness will abound.  See you soon!

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