Meet Mr. Flood

One of the coolest things about having a story published is the awesome artwork that accompanies it!  I’ve been rounding up a few images from past publications, and now I get to share them with you.  First up, from the legendary Postscripts magazine, comes the artwork that was featured alongside my story, “Fear of Rain,” in the Autumn 2006 issue.  This, I think, is a remarkable piece that really captures the essence of my story’s main character, Mr. Flood.  In this scene, Mr. Flood stands atop the famous Johnstown Inclined Plane and summons a torrential downpour destined to flood the city for a fourth and final time.

Wow, huh?  What an incredible illustration by David Kendall!  I’m honored that it accompanied my story.  Many thanks to the redoubtable Robert Wexler for passing it along from the Postscripts archives.  I’ll be posting it to an all-new gallery page on this very website very soon, along with some other pieces, so stay tuned!  See you soon!

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