Struggle On

I’m finally feeling better today, after a week of intense headcold crappiness.  Also getting caught up at the day job after many weeks of overwhelming workload, which is also a good thing.  Still struggling to bring the fiction writing back to life, though.  I did write 500 more words on my current short story today, but I still don’t feel like I’m slamming on all cylinders.  Today, though, I did finally catch a clue that there’s a deeper inner struggle going on than I at first thought…and that’s a positive step for me.  Now, I just need to rummage around under the hood a bit and figure out what loose wire or punctured hose is limiting my performance.  I suspect it’s more of the same issues that always crop up with me, but I won’t know till I finish my full diagnostic.  Then, it’s time for repairs with monkey wrench in hand!

Meanwhile, I’m planning to get my first real exercise all week with a stop at the YMCA swimming pool tomorrow.  I hope I’m feeling up to it.  Also listening to the new Black Crowes’ double album, which is pretty awesome so far.  I’ll clue you in once I’m done.  And Wendy and I will have company from out of town over the weekend, so lots of craziness with the little nephew is on the horizon.  Can’t wait!  See you soon.

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