Yes, I am sick.  It’s official:  I have a cold.  My nose won’t stop running, my body feels achy and warm, etc.  No fun, but no surprise, either.  As I mentioned yesterday, it’s been going around work big-time.  Will I use a sick day tomorrow?  I just might, actually.  I wasn’t going to, but I really do feel crappy.  Still, I have a big report due September 30, so I should probably go in.  But I’m sure I can get it done even if I miss a day this week.  Decisions, decisions.

At least I feel good about the Emmy Awards!  Some of my favorite shows won awards:  Lost, Pushing Daisies, Mad Men, Breaking Bad, Damages.  I feel especially good about Kristin Chenoweth winning for Supporting Actress in a Comedy Series.  Pushing Daisies was, hands down, my favorite show on TV after Lost, and I was outraged to see it cancelled.  Chenoweth’s work as Olive Snook on Daisies was a true standout performance, more than deserving of an Emmy.  It’s good to know Daisies is getting some recognition as it rides off into the sunset.

I’ve heard talk about how this is the new Golden Age of TV Drama (some of that talk during the Emmy broadcast, of course).  I think that might be close to the mark.  There are so many opportunities to enjoy great writing, directing, and acting in wildly varied shows on different broadcast and cable networks.  I hope you’re taking advantage of as many of those opportunities as you can.  Specifically, I advise you to watch Lost, Mad Men, and Breaking Bad.  Breaking Bad is like a novel for television.  It can be a tough show to watch, with challenging subject matter and characters who can be tough to like.  But it’s rich, complex, though-provoking stuff…and crazy funny and exciting, to boot.  The latest season wrapped up not long ago, so use this time till the next one to get caught up on the DVDs.  Brace yourself for a difficult, unforgettable show.

I guess that’s all for now.  Remember to check out the latest edition of Pot Luck Theater in last Friday’s post, and be here tomorrow for another Flog.  See you soon!

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