Am I Sick?

I’m hoping it’s just sinuses, because I’m really not in the mood for a cold, but it’s possible the bug has bitten me.  After all, it’s been going around at work for weeks.  No matter how hard you try, you can’t avoid touching every surface that’s been touched by a someone who’s sick at the office.  Though, as I said, it might just be my sinuses acting up.  The season is here, that’s for sure!  Friday evening, I had one of those killer sinus headaches that signal the change of seasons, so this could certainly be a lingering after-effect.  Actually, my sinuses act as a kind of barometer, going off when there’s a major change in air pressure.  Could mean a storm front’s coming, a cold snap’s about to hit, or the seasons have irrevocably changed.  Which in this case is a real downer, because I could really use some more summer.

Anywho, I’ll hope for the best and keep on truckin’.  It’s probably too late for preventive measures, but I’ll switch to more cautious cold and flu season habits anyway and dose up on Vitamin C.  Also time to trot out the Airborne tablets; I used them last flu season, and I swear by them.  (No, I didn’t receive any payment for that plug!)  Maybe this little something or other is just a wakeup call that will keep me from coming down with something in months to come.  And on that note, time for the usual sign-off.  See you soon!  *Achoo!*

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