Between Grooves

Guess I’m still between grooves on the writing front these days, a condition that seems to have become persistent.  In other words, I’m facing a very long list of projects I want very much to work on, but I can’t seem to light the spark I need to hit any one of them full-throttle.  I really do want to start up a new novel, crank out some fresh short stories, and develop new proposals to market existing books…but I’m having trouble committing.  I’ve been this way for a couple of months, mostly due to “life rolls” (events that are outside a writer’s control and keep him from writing).  Also due to just spending time with family and friends, trying to enjoy bits of summer when I could.  I think I’ve done about the best I could for the past few months, and I certainly made the most of travel and writing-related learning activities, but I really do wish I could ramp up to full steam ahead in the immediate future.  After all, fall and winter are perhaps the finest times of the year to write, with the exception of the holidays, thanks to the less balmy weather (in Western Pennsylvania, anyway!).  So I’ll cross my fingers, tune up my to do lists, and try to get the wagons rolling again in the days to come.  After all, there’s just one proven way of laying the groundwork for success as a writer, and that’s actually writing.  I’ll let you know how it goes.  See you soon!

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