Cover of the Future

Recently, I mentioned that my story, “One Awake in All the World,” is set to appear in the upcoming Destination: Future anthology from publisher Hadley-Rille.  It’s a cool project, and I’ll be sharing the table of contents with amazing writers like Mike Resnick, Elizabeth Bear, and Lawrence Schoen.  Well, the publisher has issued an image of the cover to the book, which I’m posting here for your viewing pleasure:

This cover is by the artist Ed Norden.  Be sure to check out his website right here.

According to the publisher, this book ought to be available in January 2010.  You know I’ll keep you up to date on the pub date.  Meanwhile, remember to check out my super-hero story, “Forced Retirement,” here at A Thousand Faces: The Quarterly Journal of Superhuman Fiction.  And watch this space for a new edition of Pot Luck Theater this Friday and a new Flog next Monday.  See you soon!

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