Pure Plugs

Just thought I’d drop a reminder to check out my latest editions of Pot Luck Theater and The Flog.  I think they’re suitably twisted and make for some thought-provoking reading.  When you link to my blog at TheFictioneer.com (or if you’re already here!) just scroll down to the posts from Saturday, September 12, and Monday, September 14.  Pot Luck Theater: Milo’s Face starts off like so:  “Someone once told Milo Rubberneck that if he kept making faces, his face would freeze like that…and it did.”  It just gets weirder and cooler from there.  The Flog: Whisperin’ Jim’s Theory, starts off with Whisperin’ Jim, “bill-yards,” and tequila, and ends up with some kind of bizarre alternate universe imagery that might make you wonder about the other half of your reality.  Anywho, give ’em a whirl and pass the word to others who might like to explore the same strange turf.  And remember:  I’ll be posting a new Pot Luck Theater every Friday and a new Flog every Monday!  Also considering some other original material for regular posts during the week, so stay tuned.  You never know what craziness might rear its ugly elbow in the wild and woolly world of The Fictioneer.  See you soon!

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