Birthday Quaffing

I was out celebrating my birthday tonight at my favorite local tavern, Tulune’s Southside…or, as I like to call it, “The Land of a Thousand Beers.”  My pals Jeff and Crippen joined me in quaffing a few fine imports, including Delirium Tremens, which is touted as the world’s best beer.  Had a great time and got to relax after a really wild day at work, which helps a lot.  I’ll have to make it a point to have a beverage on a slightly more regular basis.  Usually, I’m too caught up trying to spend every spare moment working on the fiction writing, and I forget how important downtime can be, too.  The best part is, my actual birthday is Saturday, so I’ll have opportunities for additional celebrations before the inevitable “I can’t milk this birthday any longer” letdown.  Anywho, I’m still not officially 44 yet, so here’s to my vanishing youth!  See you soon!

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