Flog? What’s a Flog?

Now where did I put that illuminating insight that came to me in the course of this day?  Where’s that perfect nugget of surprising information or that startling example of human nature that would serve as a great focus for today’s blog?  I know there’s something in here somewhere.  (Rummages through bag of tricks.)  What about my writing?  There’s always something to talk about there, right?  Well, not today!  This day was a loss on the fiction writing front.  I was too busy running errands, staining my deck, and attending a viewing at an out-of-town funeral home.  Plus taking care of an injured wife.  No time whatsoever to compose fresh fiction.  Maybe tomorrow, in between going to church, shoveling river rock around my pool, and going to the local ethnic festival for a taste of pierogi, haluski, halupki, gobs, apple dumplings, potato pancakes, what have you.  No “maybe,” make that “definitely,” as I have to finish revisions to a novel in time to hand it off to someone who has offered to present it to a V.I.P. during a visit to New York City.  So yeah, I’ll get my act together tomorrow.

Meanwhile, I hope you enjoyed the first edition of the revived POT LUCK THEATER on Friday!  It was a lot of fun to write.  I love just letting the brain machine go all crazy and chug out a randomized stream of consciousness that barely hangs together.  If you haven’t read the new PLT yet, be sure to scroll down and check it out.  You can also click here.  Next up on THE FICTIONEER, we’re bringing back (drumroll, please), the late, lamented FLOG!  I think I might start that up and run it on Mondays, so the week will be bracketed by craziness in this here blog.  We’ll start the week with a hearty helping of fake blogging (fake blog=flog, get it?) and end the week with some tasty POT LUCK THEATER.  Keepin’ it real, that’s what The Fictioneer is all about!  So dig the juicy new weirdness and let me know how it goes down, Bon Gumbo!  And remember to explore the archives on this site for glimpses of the FLOG and POT LUCK THEATER posts of yesteryear.  See you soon!

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