Title Fight

Currently, I’m struggling to rework a troubled novel of mine from last year.  It’s turned into quite a project, even more involved that I at first imagined.  One of the things I’m fighting with is the title.  In fact, I’m convinced I need a new one.  The old title didn’t do the book justice…or any favors in the realm of audience appeal.  Plus, a new title will help me think about the book in a new way, which is a good thing, because it has already morphed dramatically from its original form.  Hopefully, a fresh title might also help this book get its toe in the door with an editor; I think, when it’s done, it will deserve a second chance with certain editors who would be a good match for it.  So now I’m making a list on a shorthand tablet, jotting down names, trying them on for size by typing them on the title page of the manuscript.  How will I know when I’ve picked the right one for this new version of the book?  I’ll just know.  I’ll get that magic feeling.  Plus, my first reader will give it the seal of approval, and I trust her instincts completely.  So let’s see how many cool new possible titles I come up with and which one will fit this novel perfectly.  I have to admit, this is the most fun part of what for the most part is a pretty grueling task:  reworking a novel I thought I’d finished.  All part of the writer’s life, which overall is a great way of life.  See you soon!  And remember, Pot Luck Theater premieres tomorrow!

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