Back from New York

Wendy and I returned Saturday from our trip to New York City, which was just great.  Make that incredible.  We did so many fun things, and the writing side was also fabulous.  One part of that writing-related business had to do with something I’ve been keeping under my hat for a while…a bit of great news I didn’t want to mention until I’d signed the contract.  The news is this:  I’ve sold a novel.  It’s a middle grade urban fantasy due in 2011 from Clarion Books, and it’s titled My Favorite Band Does Not Exist.  During our trip to New York last week, we had lunch with the editor at Clarion, signed the contract, and had lunch with my agent to discuss the deal.  So things look pretty positive.  And the trip was extra fun and exciting as a result.  Now do you see why I was being so vague and cagey about the details of our trip?  Of course, though I’ve told you about the book, there are other details that I still can’t discuss yet.  Suffice it to say, it was an awesome week.  See you soon!

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